How to Create a Memorable Personal Pitch


An awesome personal pitch (sometimes called an elevator pitch) is a key ingredient to building your personal brand. You typically have less than 10 seconds to give a strong first impression, whether it’s a job interview, pitching for venture capital or at a networking event. You, therefore, need a short statement that is succinct, concise and memorable. Your personal pitch helps to communicate your very own uniqueness, make people remember you but most of all, make you stand out from the crowd!

Who needs one?

EVERYONE is the short answer. I’d suggest anyone who is looking to grow their personal or professional network needs a personal pitch. This pitch can be used at an industry conference, networking event, seminar or just taking an elevator at a hotel – there’s always opportunities to strike up relationships. The personal pitch prepares you for these opportunities and equips you with a powerful tool to get the most out of a chance meeting.

What does a personal pitch consist of?

Firstly, you first have to know the purpose of the pitch. Whether it’s to sell yourself as a consultant, get investment for your company or getting a job interview – you have to be crystal clear on your value and audience. You might have a number of professional objectives, so you might want to have various pitches for different situations.

A personal pitch should answer four important questions:
who you are; (AKA what are you all about)
what you do; (AKA what are you working on these days)
what you’re looking for; (AKA how can you help me)
the benefit you bring (AKA what are you talented at).

Four steps to creating your personal pitch

Step 1: Tell them who you are

• Your name

• What do you do: I specialise in….. (use 5-6 words on your unique expertise)

Step 2: Explain your specialities

Identify an industry, business niche or company problem. Explain how you’re qualified to fix that problem.

Step 3: Setting yourself apart

Why you are the best at what you do.

Step 4: Bringing it all together

Hello, my name is ____________ and I’m a _________ (what you do)
who specialises in ___________________________(your unique expertise). I have a track record in ____________________ (combine company problem and your solution) so I’m looking to ____________________(objective) where I can _______________ (personal selling point).

So for an example of a personal pitch:

Hello, my name is Mary Bloggs (name) and I’m a digital marketing professional (what you do) who specialises in social media and e-marketing campaigns (unique expertise). Since the internet is constantly evolving and changing, staying abreast of marketing trends can be a challenge (industry problem). I have a track record in implementing new and innovative methods to increase new opportunities (your solution). After working at a number of large global organisations, I’m looking to expand my expertise by joining a growing brand where I can help reach new audiences (personal selling point).

An alternative template:

I’m a _____________ (title). I work with __________________ (target market) who ____________ (pain point/struggle). I help them ___________ (how you help/solution) so they can __________________.

So an example using this template:

I’m a personal branding coach. I work with entrepreneurs and corporate professional who struggle with standing out from the competition. I help them to discover their personal brands so they can achieve business success.

Tips for a memorable personal pitch

  • Be authentic
  • Identify a benefit that is easily perceived
  • Be memorable (if possible!)
  • Keep it short
  • Make it believable

It’s as easy as that. We’d love to hear your personal pitch in the comments below.

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