The Superpower Personal Branding Sessions

Maybe you…

  • Have a business that depends on people buying YOU, but you’re not quite sure how to communicate you as a brand
  • Have written a book, are about the step into the spotlight – and it’s kind of terrifying
  • Want to find consistency between your offline and online self, so that you always feel like your true self
  • Would like that BIG promotion but realize your personal brand isn’t quite what it should be

So why is your personal brand so damn important?

  • It gives you permission to be YOURSELF
  • It allows you to build credibility with your audience
  • It showcases you as an voice of authority
  • It helps to distinguish you from the competition
  • It allows you to focus your energy on exactly who you are and what you do best

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman – they’ve got superpower swag, and they’ve got a brand. And you can too. This is where we’ll unlock your superpowers, and create You: The Brand (knickers worn over tights negotiable).

Phase One – Understanding You

4 x 1 hour Skype sessions, then a 1.5hr deep dive Skype session, resulting in your own Personal Brand Strategy document.

Phase one involves a number of exercises to get hold of Your Truth. Are you doing what you’re passionate about? If not, why? How do we get you there? What’s your ultimate goal? What are your key character traits? What are your values and natural talents? Where is your zone of genius? Can you feel it? Visualise it? Taste it? Let’s do this!

Phase Two – Marketing You

6 x 1 hour Skype session, resulting in a Personal Brand Marketing toolkit

Now you’ve got your brand crystallised, let’s get you traction! This stage is all about plotting your place in the market, identifying what differentiates you from competitors (whether it’s in business or just, y’know… life), honing your communication skills and building a practical toolkit that will make you stand out from the rest.

Phase Three – Digitising You

10 x 60 min Skype session + one 1.5 hour online strategy deep dive

This is where we put everything into action.  We will build you an online brand identity, and make sure you’ve got all the bells and whistles – a logo, a tagline, a colour palette – so that you always have consistency regardless of the platform you’re on.  I can set up and ensure that wherever you’re found online – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – people find YOU. The same you, the authentic you, the consistent you that we’ve established and marketed.

This is the most intense of our phases. This is where we build your network, and make sure that you become a voice of authority within that network. It could be in positioning you as a Speaker at events, or creating a website or blog where you can begin to build your influence. This is where your superpowers begin to really shine!

What my clients are saying


Kate was able to get through a range of questions to kick-start my thinking about my brand including several areas I’d never explored before.  Her follow-up notes are extremely useful for letting me continue to explore and refine the material in my own time.  Kate’s warm and personal demeanour made it easy to open up and quickly get to deep answers to her questions.

Dr Caitlin McDonald, Research Manager, London


Working with Kate has been instrumental in helping me successfully build a personal brand that is relevant and truly authentic. Kate has enabled me to be more confident and succinct when talking about my own personal brand. Working with her has taken my business one huge step forward. I would definitely work with Kate again!

Emilie Bellet, Founder, Vestpod, London


I know myself well but it was all in my head and could not articulate it well nor “formally” know how I was others to think of me. I recommend anybody is in search for their personal why, how others perceive them and how they would like to keep or change this, you need Kate in your life. Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate person or even a stay at home mom, it’s important to know your bigger passion, purpose and how you want others to feel around you. I’m happy to talk to anybody on the fence, granted I would say DO IT!

Lizz Choi, Co-Founder, Onnix Bags, London


Kate is a highly knowledgeable personal branding coach and advisor with a huge and infectious passion for her subject. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking to think about the impact and importance of their personal brand.

Rosie Cook, Director, Deakin and Blue, London

Let’s See If We’ve Got Chemistry!